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Deliver best-in-class digital learning solutions

  • Connect learners, managers and L&D for the ultimate skill-building experiences
  • Design your blended learning paths to include engaging, real-world skill building activities
  • Add trusted content from the world’s top experts in a social environment

Our integrated digital learning solutions are a unique combination of:

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CK Connect


CK Connect

The ultimate skill-building experience

CK Connect - Personalized for each learner

Personalizes learning for each individual


CK Connect - Support Managers in Learning Process

Supports managers during the learning process

CK Connect - Increase Team Collaboration

Encourages team collaboration

CK Connect - Grow L&D Impact

Increases L&D impact using personalization at scale

CK Connect offers personalized skill building for each learner in your organization individually, at scale. CK Connect offers personalized discovery so your learners develop and acquire the skills that really matter to them. With CK Connect you support your Managers to increase team collaboration and develop talent in their team, in an effective and easy way. CK Connect also supports L&D to recommend training on the skills that are valued by your organization – like your leadership framework or corporate values. With CK Connect you connect Learners, Managers and L&D teams for impactful skill building experiences.

Personalized. Interactive. Connected.


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- Guided pedagogy, exclusive technology, Content integration, immediate appreciation

CK Blend

The state-of-the-art blended learning solution

CK Blend - Guided pedagogy

Guided pedagogy


CK Blend - Blendedx Tech

Exclusive Blendedx learning technology

CK Blend - Encourage immediate application

Immediate practical application

CK Blend - Integrate any content

Integrate any content

The CK Blend experience goes beyond content access. It extends learners the guidance they need for effective skill development by blending trusted content with learning activities. By capitalizing on the powerful BlendedX technology and the HILL principles, CK Blend allows you to create your own training paths. Learners develop their skills in the real world, and are encouraged to apply immediately.

Guided. Active. Application-driven.


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CK Channel

CK Channel

The ideal learning solution for micro-learning

CK Channel - Macro & Micro Learning

Browse for micro-learning needs


CK Channel - Organized by topic

Organized by topic / population

CK Channel - Self-paced learning

Self-paced / ad hoc

CK Channel - Social Environment

Rich social environment

CK Channel is a learning solution where learners can access trusted content from the world’s top experts, in a social environment. CK Channel allows L&D to target learners with similar needs, whether organized by topic or segmented in populations, for self-paced and ad hoc soft skills development.

Simple. Social. Self-driven.


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