An integrated learning solution offering personalized skill building for each learner in your organization individually, at scale.

  • Help Your Learners discover and acquire the skills that really matter to them
  • Support Your Managers to develop individual talent in their team and increase team collaboration, in an effective and easy way
  • Recommend training on the skills that are valued by Your Organization, for efficient rollout of your leadership framework or corporate values

Advantages for:

  • Personalized Recommendation

    Natural Preferences

    CK Connect is powered by Wiley’s proprietary personality assessment. Learners learn more about themselves, their unique preferences, natural strengths and challenges.

    Personalized recommendations

    Learners get personalized recommendations based on their types to develop soft skills that really matter to them and start acquiring the skill right away in their real world context.

    Immediate Skill Development

    Personalized to your type

    Learners develop skills in an engaging way thanks to training paths that are uniquely personalized to their type.

    Proven Pedagogy

    Training paths are developed with the latest research in learning and brain science for effective skill development with high and lasting impact.

    “I really liked how this was personalized to me, this is very different from any other training I’ve taken, and I feel it’s much more impactful.”

    2019 – Learner Feedback

Improve learning outcomes at your organization with an integrated learning solution designed for skills development!