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Our Mobile Learning solutions

Our programs and our platform incorporates mobile learning features in order to tackle today’s most critical organizational learning challenges. We concentrate on all areas that facilitate the deployment of a complete and functional mobile solution: content and learning formats within a mobile environment.

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Harness the Power of Mobile Learning

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Maximize use of  increasingly limited time

Employees prefer short formats and training programs available when and where they have time; in-office learning no longer necessary

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Reach everyone

The technology of mobile devices is a resource available to everyone; this was unimaginable even just a few years ago.

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Rapid increase in mobile usage

Mobile learning creates new options, new types of exchanges via new formats, and thus new opportunities for distance learning experiences.

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A new generation of learners

Today’s modern workforce favors mobile technology as the central component of the learning experience.

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CrossKnowledge Mobile Learning Solutions

CrossKnowledge Learning resources

All our content and programs are 100% mobile ready, responsive and the option to view this content in several qualities is based on the bandwidth (to avoid any waiting time and the potential associated frustration).

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Digital Publishing Platform

The Crossknowledge digital publishing system, allows the creation of content that is directly usable on all devices (PC, mobile, tablet). The content created is mobile, responsive and adjusts to your screen to improve learner engagement.

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Blendedˣ is a mobile native course design application. It lets learners access training at any time, on the device they choose in a 100% mobile learning platform. Take advantage of the potential of smartphones and tablets: at the beginning, learners can introduce themselves with a selfie, or create a mini-video introduction, which can be attached to the presentation material. Other class members can then get to know one another before starting the presentation.

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My Learning, our mobile learning app

“My Learning” by CrossKnowledge is a mobile learning application designed to train and prepare your talent to face today’s complex and ever-changing business environment. With the “My Learning” app, download all your content and view them offline, during a flight or in remote site locations, to learn wherever you are. This innovative app has the right combination of ingredients to help you reach your business objectives. Take learning with you!

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