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Path to Performance™: Structured Training Paths For Deep Skills Acquisition

Path to Performance™ is a structured training path that offers a unique learning experience combining premium content, human interactions and world class technology, designed to offer deep skills acquisition.

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What’s In It for Your Organization?

Ready for Roll-out

Off-the-shelf, packaged training paths for quick and efficient go-live


A distillation of our best learning design, co-created with our most demanding clients

Easy to blend & customize

Experience Path to Performance™ in your graphic environment, and add your own content/activities

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An Active Learning
Process that Includes Several Activities

■ A step-by-step learning experience using storytelling techniques
■ On the job, active learning, gamified
■ Social & engaging

Path to Performance™ Covers 5 Key Areas:


Personal Development & Enhancement

■ Unlock your creative potential now
■ Give a boost to your communication style
■ Dare to Become an Intrapreneur and reap the benefits

Management, Performance & Results

■ Take your team to the next level of performance
■ Help your team be more customer-focused
■ Make performance reviews mean something
■ The finance tools that every manager needs
■ Get the best out of a remote team
■ Add coaching to your management style

Sales Performance

■ Manage your key accounts like a champion
■ Sell solutions, not products
■ Create a great customer experience
■ Maximize the potential of your sales team


■ Strategies for effective talent management
■ Shift to management 3.0
■ Keep your team motivated and engaged
■ Attract and retain top talent
■ Build a learning team

Well-Being, Collaboration & Diversity

■ Harness emotions to be more effective
■ Foster a happy workplace
■ Get your team working together
■ Make remote working work for you