Digital Learning for Employee Development at Henkel

The Challenge

A manufacturer of household brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite, Henkel operates in 75 countries and has a workforce of 50,000 employees in 120 nations. Their previous training program prevented consistent learning and wasn’t available to everyone in the organization. Henkel wanted to align its training to better reflect its global messaging and strategy, and they wanted to implement a blended learning program based on the 70:20:10 model. They needed a learning solution that was accessible to Henkel’s diverse and international team, and focused on employee development and lifelong learning.

The Solution

Henkel partnered with CrossKnowledge to set up the Henkel Global Academy, which provides specific training for individual business units, roles and regions, in addition to formal courses on soft skills and leadership development. The Academy delivers employee development offerings through two distinct channels: a Learning Center for all employees and a Leadership Center for leaders and high potential individuals. To align the training with the Henkel’s global message, CrossKnowledge incorporated Henkel’s four strategic pillars into the program: Outperform, Globalize, Simplify and Inspire.

CrossKnowledge also created a blended learning program which was easily integrated into Henkel’s existing performance management process. The 70:20:10 program was designed to meet individual development needs, while providing employees with professional and soft skills training that is consistent across the organization. Henkel was able to select content from the CrossKnowledge Library and map it onto the Henkel Competency Model so that learners could search using key terms that were familiar to them. CrossKnowledge also used its expertise to recommend best practices, and develop and translate new library content.

Blue picto - learners speaking 20 languages, in over 100 countries


The number of connected learners grow by 50 percent


The total time spent viewing content tripled


Returning visitors the eLearning platform

Digital Learning for Employee Development at Henkel

"CrossKnowledge encouraged us to make our learning paths more engaging, and recommended a variety of effective marketing techniques”

Head of Corporate Learning Management, Henkel