July 2021

Maximize your mobile learning opportunity with My Learning App

The pandemic has deeply impacted how people learn. Your employees had to acquire new skills almost exclusively through digital learning solutions. At CrossKnowledge, we have seen a 68% increase in overall platform connections. But what really struck us, was the increase in mobile learning usage. Since the pandemic, the number of mobile connections has simply doubled!

When our development teams saw this, they quickly came into action and fully updated our mobile application, so that your learners get the best out of CrossKnowledge solutions and enjoy an effective mobile learning experience.

In this video discover how your peers are successfully implementing our App into their digital learning strategies.


It would be interesting to further understand the drivers for this increased mobile use. Did your remote employees all have access to a corporate laptop? Or maybe your learners got tired of their desktop screen and preferred to learn more comfortably from a phone, as a ‘me moment’? What reasons do you see for boosted mobile usage in the past year? Is this only a temporary effect? We think, most likely not: Mobile learning is here to stay, because of 2 main use cases that help our clients.

The first use case is one where mobile learning perfectly complements desktop learning. We are living in a world where people are so attached to their mobile phones -…. Mobile use has become part of everyday human behavior, so it’s only logic that mobile learning offers a meaningful complement to desktop learning.

20% of CrossKnowledge users today mix both mobile and desktop usage. And that number grew over the past 12 months with 25%.

In a second use case, mobile turns out to be a necessity. See below 3 examples of businesses for whom mobile learning has become a must. See how they use the app for successful up and reskilling of their workforce.

  • In a sector like logistics or supply chain, employees spend their entire day in the warehouse or on the road, and they simply don’t have desktop access to learning.

    They are fully dependent on mobile devices, whether that is a personal work device or a shared one. Some of our clients work with external distributors, and use our platform to upskill their extended enterprise, so they can in turn acquire best in class skills in distribution excellence.

  • Imagine a retail environment of physical brand stores, heavily challenged by online retailers.

    The shopfloor employees often don’t have access to desktop. Such employees can use our app to effectively upskill them on customer satisfaction.

  • What about operating in extreme conditions, sometimes without mobile network access?

    Some of our clients operate in remote conflict or disaster zones, where conditions for learning are necessary but very harsh. They do use our Mobile App to upskill local teams efficiently where all other means fail, many times in the urgency of saving lives.

mobile learning opportunity My Learning AppIn all these use cases, our mobile app can help our clients to deliver the necessary training. When we saw the increase in mobile usage, our development teams worked very hard to considerably upgrade the experience of the app, so that you can maximize your mobile learning opportunity.

My Learning App has been fully redesigned to deliver a much better user experience than before, and certainly …. versus mobile browsers.

The app offers a dedicated mobile experience and interface, responsive, with a native homepage allowing direct access to learning or intuitive navigation throughout the application.

It is known that apps deliver the best mobile experience. People spent 90% of their mobile time using Apps – not browsing. The mobile web simply can’t compete with the immediacy of Apps: the moment you publish new content, you send out a notification and users can instantly access. Mobile web cannot do that.
So, if you haven’t already activated the app for your employees, it’s about time to do so.

To learn more about the App’s latest features and exciting upgrades, or to share your story using our App, contact your CrossKnowledge expert today!