Integration Capabilities



CrossKnowledge integration capabilities extend to every corner of what makes digital learning successful.

CrossKnowledge applies its deep technological expertise to simplify the often complex learning environment which combines multiple platforms, HRIS systems and content libraries from external providers.

All your Content available at the same place

Enrich your LMS Experience

Integrate with complementary tools

  • Video platform
  • Virtual classroom & web conferencing
  • Enterprise social network
  • Business intelligence programs

More integrations

Interface our Learning Suite with Saas platforms

Easily Interface with other SaaS platforms

We investigate the integration of our digital learning solutions into your existing environment whether it is your Intranet, your Talent Management System, or your CRM, for a frictionless end user experience.

More integrations

Integration tools to build the most optimal integration

CrossKnowledge (SSO)

CrossKnowledge SSO (Single Sign On) creates and materializes links for e-mails which allow users to access content or training in a single click with automatic authentication.
There is no need to enter a user login or password, as the user is automatically recognized and logged in.

CrossKnowledge WebServices API

The CrossKnowledge Learning Suite has the largest API library on the market, making it possible to run simultaneous operations with other platforms.
Web Services are related to information gathered about learners, courses, training sessions, learning content, completions and enrolments.

CrossKnowledge Module I/O

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite has two generic import/export modules used to carry out data transfer from the HRIS to the platform and vice-versa. The customer places files (csv, xls, txt etc.) in a location defined in agreement with CrossKnowledge and scheduled tasks process these files at regular intervals.
These tools have features that monitor the completion of the scheduled tasks, handle rejections, and notify the administrators by e-mail at the end of the process. The main data handled consist of user synchronisation, enrolments, and time spent on courses for consolidation purposes. Naturally, these routines can also be run manually by an administrator.

CrossKnowledge Scorm Connectors

CrossKnowledge can integrate with your learning system in two formats:
1. CrossKnowledge « Scorm Learning Path Connector » which allows our learning programs to be available in your learning system. The admin ca directly track the progress via the learning system.
2. CrossKnowledge « Scorm Content Connector » which allows the integration of our content catalog or a selection of content in your learning system. It allows a higher granularity over a training path. With that we can recover the tracking of each content which use our connector.